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Reddit Comments on my implementation of Google Docs for note keeping and an Update

The post I made here on December 30th Notes Folder : My new note taking system  I also posted about on Reddit  in the Evernote subreddit. Many are posting there about their dismay with Evernote and where they are moving their notes too. There were some constructive comments there I wanted to share. User Regression4 had an idea on how to move Evernote notes to PDF using a third party : Thanks for the post. I too moved to Google Drive. To get my Evernote data to Google Drive, I used a web service called CloudHQ. I connected Evernote and Google Drive. It copied each Evernote notebook to a folder in Google Drive. Each note became a PDF in Google Drive. Each PDF had metadata like created and modified date.   User Loopvariant was concerned Google's penchant for cancelling popular tools could lead to its demise.  While it is a concern, I believe since Drive & Doc and something Google sells to business customers it is less of a concern.   And there a ways to get your notes of Google to

Why I turned my back on Evernote

I have written here about my enthusiasm for Evernote, my note taking app since 2008. Forty two thousand notes and fifteen years later my love affair has ended. An Italian company purchased Evernote and laid off the entire US staff. The culture changed, long standing implied commitments were abandoned. It was their right to do so of course; as it is users rights to not regard them. <Cross posted from my Newsletter  Family Tech > To keep up additional posts on this topic, search on the tag Notes Folder For example, they doubled the price I was paying. Admittedly it was the only price raise in seven years but many felt doubling was harsh. A gradual step over a few years might have been more palatable. And the severely restricted Free version was kneecapped. It used to be you could upload 2 megabytes of notes a month into up to 99 notebooks. They reduced that to one notebook, and a total of fifty notes ever! The only recourse was to subscribe for $15 a month. If you have a free vers

Notes Folder : My new note taking system

I'm in the process of moving to a new way to keep my notes. It would be best to make a separate post on my long time notetaking app, Evernote, and how it now disappoints me.  Bottom line, I no longer trust the company behind Evernote since it was acquired. My first inclination was to finally look at alternatives. like Notion, Joplin, Obsidian, etc. I was not enamored with any of them, so I gritted my teeth and stayed with Evernote. The situation made me think about how I use Evernote. To keep up additional posts on this topic, search on the tag Notes Folder Updates : January 24, 2024 and in updates noted here. Most of the things I store are quick notes, lists, online receipts for online bills, that sort of thing; kind of an online file cabinet if you will. If I were a doctoral student though I could see storing PDFs of papers and research materials.  If were working on a large project, then plans, communications etc. would all be there. Back when I began using Evernote way back i