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About Affiliate Programs and Ads

In an effort to derive some small income from this site, I have decided to participate in a few Affiliate programs in addition to the Adsense ads I now have running.  I want to be up front about it, so I created this page.

The first Affiliate program I am using is Amazon's.  If you click a link for a product in my blog and it takes you to an Amazon page, and you buy the product, I receive a small commission.  There is no additional cost to you.

Thank you for your participation in the affiliate programs.

Here are some links for products I've written about here before and can easily, wholeheartedly recommend because I use them.

I love my NeatReceipt scanner.  That make a version for both Windows and Mac.  I have the portable kind, but would love to one day have the Desktop Model, again made for Windows and Mac.

And I have always asked readers, if you are going to use Dropbox, to create your account with this link.  Using it gives us both an extra 256 megabytes of space.  I have written many times here and in my Family Tech column.

Popular posts from this blog

Recording your own notes with Google Voice

Note :   April 2016:  Frankly I don't know if this works anymore.  It is 7 years old.

I stopped using this when Google Now became useful on my phone, and I could dictate reminders using it.

I found a way a while ago to use Google Voice to record a personal note, transcribe it, and email it to me. A recent Lifehacker post "Five Things We'd Like to See in Google Voice" lists that need as their #5 request, so I realized what I'd figured out is not common knowledge.

In GV's Contacts, create a Group "Special Transcription"

To avoid listening to my standard voice mail when I call, I recorded a short voice mail greeting for this group simply saying "Record note now"

I added a contact with my own cell phone number as the only number, and made it the sole member of this group.

In GV's phone settings, I edited the settings for my cell phone. In the section "Direct access to voicemail when calling your Google number from this phone?" I se…

Your First Day with Evernote

I've written many times before about Evernote.  I love this program.  It is my brain's memory on steroids.  I have over 6000 notes in it now.  And I keep finding ever more uses for it.

While originally written in 2009, this post has been frequently updated.

New January 2012:  If you like what I write about Evernote, check out my 136 page e-book,
 "Get Productive Fast with Evernote".  Just $10.

Sunday October 11, 2009 I wrote about Evernote in my print column, Family Tech. If you are wondering what is Evernote, and why would I want to use it, start with the column.

I promised in that column this post to help new users get efficient fast with Evernote.

I thought I'd write a quick plan for someone's first day with Evernote. This is really meant for after you've installed the client to your computer, so this picks up after you've gone to  Evernote's Get Started Page and created an account and downloaded and installed a client for your primary computer.