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The adventure of the Pixel OG Speaker that was always on

One intent of this blog is to record issues I've encountered and solutions I've found for future suffers of the same issue who find me via search.

Issue : Original Pixel XL in speaker phone only mode
Resolution : resolved

My original Pixel XL manifested a new issue lately. The speaker phone was always on except when hooked to Bluetooth.  If someone called, and I answered, it was in speaker, and would not switch to private.

Googled for answers and found none. So I chose to do a factory wipe. Always a good idea from time to time.

Checked to make sure I had a current backup to my Google Drive. Nope, and the "Backup up now" button was grayed out. Googled for an answer.  Found it. Basically, turn off the lock screen security.  Oddly, that worked. If that is by design, the logic escapes me.

Backup completed, I started the factory wipe.

It is still going on 18 minutes later, installing apps now, but the speaker phone issue is resolved.

American Airlines adds phone / tablet easel to seatback

Normally, we do not see positive news about airlines. Too often it is stories about how they've wedged more people on to a plane, by squeezing the rows of seats closer together.  Or how they've found yet another way to make you pay for your flight.   Today, I have some good news.

We flew cross country and back last weekend. Outbound was United, and the once proud skies were again squished seats.  I did have a chance to test out a new way I'd read on a blog to hold my phone so I could watch a video.  Basically, it was to put the phone in a quart sized zip lock and then fold down the tray table, wrap one edge of the bag around the edge of the table, and fold it back up, locking the bag in place under the tray latch.  It worked pretty well.

We flew American back with blessedly more generous legroom.  I did not see this treasure until the woman next to my wife used it and my wife excitedly pointed it out, knowing I'd love it.

At first glance, I didn't even notice it.


Thought I'd miss Inbox more than I have

When Google announced they were killing off Inbox, I feared my inbox would become unmanageable again.  Alas, I was wrong.

Inbox's web interface was seductive enough that it made Gmail seem as musty as an 19th century home.  Now that I am forced to go there, I've been using the filters more to move emails I do not need to see to folders.  Now, little appears in my inbox, and what does appear is quickly swept away in the Android app or check boxed away in the web app.

I just keep they continue to add new features to Gmail as they have promised.

Intriguing Links

Probably like many readers of this blog, I am forever surfing the web on my phone. I find more intriguing things to read than I often have time to read right then.
Those, I save to Evernote for future reading. Sometimes what I find inspires a blog post here.
Often, I just don't have the time.
Starting today, I have a link at the top of the blog called Intriguing Links.  It is a link to a shared Evernote notebook where I'll periodically move captured links I think readers might enjoy as well.
My interests are varied.  You'll find links for Evernote, productivity apps, history, tiny homes, and more.
The list comes up in Evernote web, so it is searchable if you wanted to find say, just the Evernote posts.
And to the PR people of the world, no, I will not add your site to the list.

My killer use case for augmented reality not really mine

In 2016 my family and I visited Masada, a famous ancient site in Israel near the Dead Sea.

As our tour group walked around the ruins, our guide challenged us to imagine the daily life at this place occupied in the years before and just after Year 0.

The thought hit me that if I could be wearing AR goggles, as I looked at the ruins, animation could show the buildings as they actually were, and actors dressed in period clothing going about their business. I got quite excited about the idea, imagining tourists renting AR goggles at any historical site.

Imagine settlers building cabins at Jamestown, Washington sitting in his study at Mount Vernon, the debates in Constitution Hall, or roaming the streets of Jerusalem (as we did the day after Masada) and seeing people living and working as they did in the first century AD (or any date you choose).

Blogging this idea has been on my to-do list since our return home in March 2016.

Lately I re-read Daniel Suarez's amazing Daemon.  Knowing …

How to get this Evernote functionality in 1x1

Being as enchanted as I've been since 2008 with Evernote, of course the Evernote widget has a prominent place on my Android phone's home screen.

I have resented it taking up almost a full line on the home screen.

I have come up with an interesting solution.  Watch the 2 minute 15 second video below.