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Capture web pages to Evernote easily on Android

I do a lot of web surfing.  When I find a site I may want to revisit, or write about in my blog, or need in some way, I capture it to Evernote.
On my desktop or a laptop, it is easy using Evernote's Web Clipper.
On the iPad, I had not found a better way then emailing the page to my secret Evernote password (you have one too--everyone does.  See "Your First Day with Evernote" for details).  There are bookmarklets for iPad but the one I found never worked well for me.
Android shares much better.  You can choose to Share anything, including a web page and Android gives you a list of applications you can share with.  When Evernote is installed, it is on that list.
Now the makers of my favorite web browser have gone and made it even easier.  Dolphin HD browser has an Evernote Plug in (Google Play aka Android Marketplace links)  Now, I have an Evernote button I can touch on my Android tablet (or phone) and save the page direct to Evernote.  I can choose the Notebook and add tags  …