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Evernote Shows Signs of Life

I have been getting worried about Evernote.

First, they decided to become a lifestyle company apparently, by selling Evernote branded items like backpacks, water bottles, and socks.  SOCKS!  And horribly overpriced as well.

I started to worry about my over 20,000 notes.  Was Evernote in trouble financially?  Were they grasping at straws because straws were all they had?

Then I was unable to sync my Windows Client from last July to January.  I worked closely and patiently with support until they fixed the problem,  I had access to my notes via the web client, which is excellent, but not as robust as a native client.

You have to worry about a company whose largest application has a fundamental problem for months at end.  Even though it apparently did not affect everyone, from the forums, it seems others were suffering as well.

I love Evernote.  I even wrote a book about it, Get Productive Fast with Evernote (now out of print and horribly out of date).  I have advocated Evernote on this…