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Now I am a TV broadcaster!

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One of the reasons for this blog was to share my absolute delight with technology.  Let me share my most recent delight.

First, a little of my background is relevant here.  I earned a BA in Broadcast Journalism back in 1978 yet within two years embarked on the career of selling computers, other technology and enterprise software.  Broadcasting becanme a memory.

About twelve years ago we bought a couple consumer grade video cameras and Adobe Premiere. I was astonished at the product I could put out. It was comparable to what I could in 1978 with access to a TV station.  I used the capability to shoot a couple of friend's weddings and make a couple of documentaries.  Some are at my YouTube Channel.

Last night, I fooled around with a free software product called Open Broadcast Studio, or OBS for short.

For those who know video production a bit, OBS is basically acts a video switcher.

Ken Levine

One of the many things I could have seen myself doing was writing television screenplays. I even wrote a MASH script for a class in college. It's long lost, probably a good thing.

One person who knows about writing good MASH scripts is Ken Levine.  He is a writer, producer and director on shows like MASH,  Cheers, Frasier and many more.
His blog at is a daily read. He has a lot of insights on television and the entertainment business. And he has a great podcast too.
I'd forgotten until recently that back in 2008 he even wrote an entire column answering a question I wrote.