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Neil Armstrong

Do you ever wonder if anyone will know your name after your last grandchild dies?  
How many names do we know from a five hundred years ago?  From a thousand?
Is there anyone who lived in our time whose name will be known in five hundred or a thousand years?
I think the only one I can say with certainty who will be still known is Neil Armstrong, who died today at 82 years old.
It won't be because he was the first on the moon, but the first human to stand on any body other than Earth.  
Certainly he did not do it alone.  It took the efforts of tens of thousands engineers, builders, and other astronauts, plus the political will and taxes of a nation. Hopefully, Armstrong's achievement will seem quaint in the light of explorations that will occur in the next thousand years.  But just as every intercontinental airline passenger owes a debt to Magellan, who did not even survive the voyage he is acclaimed for, Armstrong will represent the first step for all who travel away from Earth…

Two Evernote Announcements

Evernote has made two announcements so far at their big developer's conference going on now.

I summarize them and link to them over on the Get Productive Fast blog.