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Happy Birthday Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin was born 306 years ago today, 1706. I am about done with Walter Isaacson's book Benjamin Franklin: An American Life.

Franklin was even more amazing then we learned in school.  When I am done with the book, I want to write a longer review here.  For now, Happy Birthday Ben.  He really was our nation's First Geek.

Announcing "Get Productive Fast with Evernote"

I have released my first e-book, Get Productive Fast with Evernote.

It is a 136 page e-book with fourteen chapters, useful for both the new and experienced Evernote user.  It costs $10.

Here is the table of contents :
Chapter 1 - Introduction  Part I – Evernote Operation
Chapter 2 - Evernote Basics
Chapter 3 - Getting Information Into Evernote
Chapter 4 - Organizational Strategies and Searching
Chapter 5 - Sharing
Chapter 6 - Mobile Part II – Evernote Uses
Chapter 7 - Your First Day with Evernote
Chapter 8 : Evernote at Home
Chapter 9 : Using Evernote for Research and School
Chapter 10: Evernote for Work - Paid and Volunteer  Part III - Advanced Topics
Chapter 11 - Printing, Security and Backup
Chapter 12 :
Chapter 13 - Managing your Task List   Final Thoughts
Check out more information, at the new Get Productive Fast website.