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Evernote's New Logo

Evernote gave itself a new look for their tenth birthday.  To read more about this, and their focus going into their second decade, check out their latest blog post.

And there is Harry McCracken's excellent piece in Fast Company about the founder of Evernote. I can remember trying out the early paper roll user interface of the first Evernote.

Microsoft Access - Track who and when records are created and updated

I'm using Microsoft Access for a project for the first time in over a decade.  The functionality is not all that different from the 2007 version I used then.  Creating tables, queries, forms and reports came back to me quickly.

The devil is, as they say, in the details.

There are a couple things I wanted my Access application to have :
Track each records date and time created, and who created itTrack each records date and time updated, and who updated it Figuring out how to do each of those things took some research and effort to figure out. 

I wanted to share in make research for others a bit easier.

This post assumes a basic understanding of Access and assumes you know how to create a table, use the Form Wizard to create a form, switch between design and standard views.

We'll also delve some into Visual Basic for Applications some, but you do need to know how to program in it, beyond typing in some short code bits.

I may have some other Access tips in the near future. Check…