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Hangar One is being dismantled

For most people their sole knowledge of giant, rigid airships is the Hindenberg and the fire that destroyed it.

How many know that the US Navy once had a small fleet of these giant cruisers of the air?  They are all gone now.

The one tie we have had to this unique facet of aviation history is a few former hangers.  I had the pleasure a dozen years ago to go inside Moffett Field's Hangar One.  Before that I loved driving by on 101 and seeing it standing open.

Now sad news that it is being torn down.

Thoughts on Organizing Evernote Notes

In Evernote Podcast #26, their CTO Dave Engberg answers a question about organizing notes in Evernote using Notebooks and Tags.  If you listen to the podcasts, it starts at 31:03.

He makes the point there are really two ways to organize notes.  One is to be scrupulous about segregating like notes into notebooks, and religiously using a a tag system.  The other is to dump everything into one notebook and use no tags, and just search for data.

To this long time user, his remarks harkened back to the days when Yahoo was the first, best search engine.  The two methods compare the Yahoo of then, with the Google of now.

Back in the day, Yahoo had a staff of people who would look at a web page and categorize it.  They maintained  a list of topics, not unlike a Dewey Decimal breakdown, and the associated web pages.  When web pages were numbered in the thousands instead of billions, this was a great system.  Of course the explosion of web pages doomed that model.

Then Google appeared which wo…