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My Windows 10 Showed up

My laptop has updated to Windows 10.
I'm blogging about it over at

Email into Evernote if you do not have Premium

Recently Evernote reduced a feature of the Free tier.  Now only five emails a month can be made to your Evernote account, unless you have Premium level. reports on Digital Inspiration's post telling about how you can use the Evernote Gmail clipper to send Gmails to Evernote.  

And Lifehacker goes on to note two recipes to send information to Evernote via email.

There are not perfect, but they get back some of the lost functionality.

A Day Learning about Early Aviation

Yesterday, I went on a day long tour of early aviation artifacts and sites located in the Washington DC area organized by Smithsonian Associates (link to tour)

The tour was lead by Paul Glenshaw.  Paul was acknowledged for his help by David McCullough in his book :"The Wright Brothers", a book I read in preparation of this tour.

We first visited the National Air and Space Museum to view the early Wright gliders, and of course,the 1903 Wright Flyer.

We also saw Lilienthal's early glider, and the Langley Aerodrome.  #5.  This aircraft was flown successfully unmanned near my home, off of Chopawamsic Island (map) itself just off Quantico Marine Base.

The next visit was the Smithsonian Castle.  The garden there was the site of Professor Langley's construction of the Aerodrome.   ' Afterwards we visited Haines Point, site of the unsuccessful attempt to fly the powered Aerodrome by pilot Charles Manly.
Next was the Air Force Memorial.  And then Fort Meyer, where in 1908 Orvill…

Google Voice improves voicemail transcriptions

The Google Voice/Project Fi/Hangouts team has announced improved voice mail transcriptions.

Anker Compact Car Jump Starter and Portable Charger

If it were from anyone but Anker, I'd be dubious, but I own several Anker products and love their products.

This is not only a portable charger for your devices, but will jump start your car.  It will jump start your car 15 times!

Amazon Affiliate Link

Open Office 365 Files from Google Drive

Google released an add-on for Office 365 allowing a user to open and save Office 365 files to your Drive space.

You can download it here.

Evernote has a new CEO

Evernote announced today on their blog that Chris O'Neill is their new CEO.  O'Neill replaces the founding CEO, Phil Libin.
O'Neill comes from Google.  I've long thought Google should buy Evernote, but I don't see this as a prelude to that happening.  A Googler has never become a CEO of a company that Google was interesting in acquiring, that I know about.

Business Insider is reporting 
Libin will remain as executive chairman.

The move comes a month after Libin revealed in an interview with The Information of his intention to step down.

Libin told Recode that his decision to resign is largely due to his lack of passion leading a company that's about to go public." I've interacted with Libin on line, and hope he enjoys his new roll, and that Evernote continues to thrive.

Facebook's Instant Articles : Am I right to be concerned?

If I were the publisher of a newspaper, I'd be thrilled by Facebook's new partnership with newspapers.  And I'd be scared to death of it too.

In May, Facebook and nine media outlets, The New York Times among them, announced a partnership, Instant Articles,  where Facebook would publish the paper's content in Facebook's news feed.  Ads served with the stories sold by the papers will generate revenue for the papers they do not have to share with Facebook.  Revenue for ads sold by Facebook will be shared with the papers, with the newspapers getting 70%.

Eventually, more newspapers will be included.  Maybe even your local paper.