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I just called my Congressman

I just contacted my congressman to express my strong opposition to pending SOPA legislation.  Briefly it would setup a firewall for the Internet greatly curtailing yours and my freedom of speech, neuter the power of the Internet to be a strong tool for economic growth and personal communication all in order to protect the interests of large corporations.

I urge everyone to learn more about SOPA and then contact their representative to let them know your feelings.

Time Magazine says "SOPA Won’t Stop Online Piracy, Would Censor Everyone Else"

Protect the greatest equalizer to ever come to people.


Like many people, I spend a lot of time in the car.  Unlike many, I do not find music soothing while driving--I'm missing the music gene I guess.

Anyway, I enjoy the time in the car to catch up on Podcasts.  There are many out there, but I tend to favor the ones done by Leo Laporte's   Leo is a professional broadcaster of many year's experience.  He has started an awesome online tech news network.  His professionalism makes for great programs.

I tend to listen to two shows primarily.  "This Week in Google", broadcast live on Wednesdays, with podcasts available for download on Wednesday nights.  And "This Week in Tech", broadcast Sundays with podcasts available later that night.

However, I spend more time in the car then the duration of those two shows.  Twit's other shows are excellent, but not as compelling to me as those two are.

However, they do have one show I hadn't paid much attention to until recently.  Triangulations is a one ho…