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Google Voice Sprint Integration

If you are a Google Voice lover as I clearly am, and a Sprint customer, then you may share my interest in the new integration between Sprint and Google Voice.

Basically, you can make your GV number your Sprint number for vice versa.

I'm not really sold on why I'd want to do this.  A huge benefit of GV for me is if I hand out that number, and have all calls sent to my cell phone, if I later lose or break my cell phone any calls can be forwarded to another phone for me.

I was in a cell store one day when a plumber who listed only his cell phone as his business number found out it would take three days to replace his broken phone.  That was three days without customers being able to reach him.  Needless to say, he was not happy.  A Google Voice number would make that a non-issue.

I guess you can still do this, but when I went to make the switch, I was told my phone was not eligible.  I had to contact Sprint to find out why.  I will when I have some time.