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Sulu on Net Neutrality

"Well, this audience was built not by them, but by our efforts, by our creativity. And once we have that audience built, they want to charge us for it?" -- George Takei, talking about Internet Neutrality in an interview with The Washington Post.

It was your tax dollars that designed and built the Internet. It is your posting to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumbler etc. that makes the content that compels others to use the Internet.

Wow! Evernote hits one hundred million users

My favorite tool is also loved by over a 100,000,000 people.  Evernote announced the milestone in a blog post today.

It is an awesome tool.  If you are not using it, you should.

An Open Email to the FCC

For background on this topic, please read the editorial I wrote for

Subject:  Please be a proper steward of the Internet

Please be a responsible steward for all the American people when you take action regarding the Internet. The Internet is as important as the Transcontinental Railroad was in the 19th Century, and the Rural Electrification Project, and the Interstate Highway System were in the 20th.  A free and open Internet is the critical infrastructure the 21st Century will be remembered. It is up to you to protect it for everyone. Most new jobs come from small companies, not large corporations.  And today to start a new business, even ones not entirely in cyberspace, the small companies need a level playing field online.  The voices of the large players in this matter reach your ears readily.  Please listen also to people like me, ordinary citizens who recognize the importance of a free and open Internet.
Please take care when representing all of us.  Thank you for …