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The adventure of the Pixel OG Speaker that was always on

One intent of this blog is to record issues I've encountered and solutions I've found for future suffers of the same issue who find me via search.

Issue : Original Pixel XL in speaker phone only mode
Resolution : resolved

My original Pixel XL manifested a new issue lately. The speaker phone was always on except when hooked to Bluetooth.  If someone called, and I answered, it was in speaker, and would not switch to private.

Googled for answers and found none. So I chose to do a factory wipe. Always a good idea from time to time.

Checked to make sure I had a current backup to my Google Drive. Nope, and the "Backup up now" button was grayed out. Googled for an answer.  Found it. Basically, turn off the lock screen security.  Oddly, that worked. If that is by design, the logic escapes me.

Backup completed, I started the factory wipe.

It is still going on 18 minutes later, installing apps now, but the speaker phone issue is resolved.