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I haven't forgotten my Note taking review plan

Way back in August I asked readers to help build a list of note taking apps other than Evernote that had both phone clients and a web and/or PC clients.  I intended to write an in depth review of each.

I still want to do this, but life...

I can add one new one to the list that excited me at first.

And, it has something I've always wanted: a self hosting option.

True long term survivability of our notes requires self hosting. Otherwise, we are just betting on the solvency of a software company; one of the most fragile of institutions.

With rushing excitement I signed up for Standard Notes.

Only to discover it is notes only.  No attachments.

A big use case for Evernote is as a digital filing cabinet of online receipts, copies of documents and such.  I was greatly disappointed.

I did find they want to add the feature, but will not until at least 2019.

I'll add it to this list, but can say right now unless the attachment feature is implemented when I do, it will suffer in the rati…

Google could let any developer make the next Evernote

After trying loads of Task apps over the years, I have settled for now on a combination of Taskary and Google Tasks.  What they have in common is they both use Google Tasks to save the tasks.

If a new task app catches my eye tomorrow, it likely will not receive room on my phone or desktop unless it too uses Google Tasks to store its tasks.  That way I do not need to re-enter my tasks for the new app.

This is possible because Google has an API for Google Tasks.  An API or Application Programming Interface lets an app send tasks to Google, and get tasks from them.

Google has a huge collection of APIs into their services.  I just wish they had one more.

I wish for an API for a note taking application.  They may or may not let it be part of Google Keep.  Even if they did not have an app themselves using the API, it would be nice to have an API any programmer could use to develop their own image of what a note taking app looks like.

The data would count against your Google storage. With th…