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Keep: Reading the tea leaves

I hate prediction posts.  This week there is both E3, the gaming industry trade show, and Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC).

The tech press has articles for the last couple weeks, talking about what we "might" see at these shows. They do nothing but lead to disappointment; they are always too optimistic.

That being said, imagine my own sense of irony as I delve into thinking about Keep, and where it might be going.

This isn't a prediction, I tell myself, but more like a thought experiment.

Since Keep was first announced and released back on March 20, the Keep community (Google+ Keep Community), has been eager to see what Google does with this humble beginning.

Many of us love Evernote, and while we don't necessarily want to give up Evernote, we want to see where Keep is going.

Is Keep going to expand to challenge Evernote?  What does Google have in mind for Keep?

Some in the G+ community have wondered if Keep wasn't released early.  It had been…