Wednesday, December 31, 2008

After the First Full Week

We've had our first full week with the Instinct, and are still thrilled.

Stocking stuffers included belt cases for each of us. I'm surprised that members of the family who previously laid their phones on the entry way table when they came in from outside, now sometimes keep their phones on them in the house. Increased use of text messaging with friends is one cause.

And yes, we have been known to call each other, even text, from within the house.

My son made his longest solo drive this week to a place he'd never been, and did so without any missteps using the Navigator. That in itself is worth the price paid.

Newest application added just today : Google Maps. It has satellite view but not yet street view. I can see this being a big help. Recommending without extensive testing. Go to on your phone, and input code : 36398.

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