Saturday, December 13, 2008

Google Chrome

Google this week took their Chrome web browser out of Beta.

I primarily use Firefox, although I use Internet Explorer too for some specific things.

During the work day I tend to have a lot of tabs open in Firefox. My company uses web based email, CRM, and calendar. Plus there is the companies own Intranet site to keep open, and the company website. I was noticing memory use of Firefox growing a lot through the day. It might start up using about 330K and grow to over 500K. That could bog down my system. I could exit Firefox, restart it and all would be fine again for a while. It was like using Windows 3.1 again!

And it may be worse on my system. I suspect my PC could benefit from a wipe and reinstall of Windows and all the apps, but man, that would be a huge job now.

Chrome uses a different scheme for memory management. You can see the memory usage for each tab by typing "about:memory" in the address box. I am going to try it out for a week and see if it bogs my system down like Firefox did. Based on the first day, I don't think it will.

Another nice feature in Chrome for multi-monitor users like myself, is you can move a tab out of the main window, and onto one of your other monitors.

One downside of Chrome is the absence of Add-ons. I've been doing some thinking about my add-on use and realize I use most for specialized tasks I don't do every day. I use Firebug when programming a javascript application I am working on, but I work on it rarely. Those times I can use Firefox.

The only add-on I use very day is a signature program from Wisestamp. My solution for now then is to have a Firefox open with just my work email in it so I can use Wisestamp. I have Chrome open with all my other tabs open. We'll see how that goes.

Google has announced they will soon support add-ons, and I've already emailed Wisestamp encouraging them to move their add-on to Chrome when possible.

I'm sure add-on developers will support Chrome as enthusiastically as they have Firefox. And of course, Firefox will continue their great efforts. If they lick their memory issues, they may win me back.

I suspect though, I may be a Chrome user for a long time. I use a lot of Google products: mostly Calendar, and Reader for now, but may make Gmail my primary email soon, and starting using Notebook more too. I suspect the first add-ons will be from Google and support those products.

Chrome will soon be on their Android platform and the browser for mobile phones. We are planning as a family to go with the Sprint/Samsung Instinct, but that is a stop gap until the Android phones become more available and affordable. The temptation to use the same browser on my two primary platforms, PC & Phone, will be great.

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