Monday, December 22, 2008

The Instinct

Okay, today was day three with the Instincts. If you are a long user of the phone, the posts that are going to follow in the next days will make me seem like Captain Obvious.

On the other hand, if you are new to the phone, or to smart phones in general, what follows is what I would have liked to have found when I began researching smart phones.

Blogs like I wanted to find likely exist, I just didn't find them. Feel free to leave your suggestions in comments.

When I began researching phones, and more or less settled on the Instinct, I found some excellent forums for the Instinct. They include Sprint's own forum, Buzz about Wireless (from here on, BAW), Sprint User,, and even a Yahoo Group.

I've spent countless hours learning on those forums, and the users have been generally very helpful and informative. A lot of the tips & tricks you'll see here are from those excellent sites. Be sure to check them out and contribute if you are thinking of, or become, an Instinct user.

Warning though : there are some negative Instinct users there. That is for a lot of reasons. Foremost is happy users aren't motivated to go to a forum and express their feelings. Unhappy users do.

Why they are unhappy could be a post unto itself.

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