Thursday, February 5, 2009

eBooks from Google

From JKontheRun I learned tonight that Google has a new mobile page where you can read 1.5 million public domain books. I tried it just now on my Instinct and it works great. Go to .

I've already bookmarked a couple books I've wanted to read.

As long as you have a web connection, you'll always have something to read.

Update #1: I should have played with this more first. This isn't working right on my Instinct under Opera or the internal browser. On Opera Mini, it gives you a book not found error. If you click again you do get to the first page but won't advance to the next page. On the internal browser, it won't load.

I have reported the error to Google's Feedback page.

Update #2: (2-7-09) Google responded yesterday :

Thank you for your interest in accessing Google Book Search using your mobile device. Currently, this feature is only accessible on smart phones with webkit browsers, such as the iPhone or Android phones.

Our team is currently working to expand the number and types of devices that support the mobile edition of Google Book Search. We appreciate your continued feedback and suggestions on ways to improve the mobile browsing experience.

The Google Book Search Team

I hope they do make it readable by non-webkit browsers. What's wrong with standard HTML? While I hope to have an Android phone next, for a least a year I won't.

For the first time, Google has ticked me off. It will pass. I use a lot of their free services and do appreciate them.

However, some good news. Waterbound, a poster on a thread I started on this topic over at Buzz About Wireless, the Sprint forum, told me it works for him in the Bolt Browser. I Googled for a referral code, and went there and downloaded it.

That now makes three browsers on my phone : the built-in one, Opera Mini and Bolt. One more and I'll have as many as I do on my desktop.

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