Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Google does tasks

There are a million task manager programs out there. Everyone manages tasks differently so each seem to have their followers.

Google recently came out with a basic task capability added to Gmail through Google Labs. Today they announced tasks can be shown in Google Calendar too.

Looks pretty nifty. If you give a task a due date, it appears in the entry for that date. If no due date, then it is in a list that can be re-arranged.

They just might have me.

One piece I thought was missing at first was a mobile element. But a little research tonight discovered Android and Iphone users have some things they can do over what is able to be done with the regular web page. For example I cannot edit tasks, or set (or even view) due dates in the mobile version. Language in the help page makes me hopeful that will soon change for the better.

I'll play with it and also Remember the Milk in the near future. Task managemnt is a topic near and dear to my heart. I have a self-written program that does task management and Google Notes/Evernote-lite-type data storage. To give up something designed and built for my specific way of doing things will take some adjustment. Evernote has made much of my program obsolete, so now I just need something for task management.

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