Thursday, May 7, 2009

We're not all about high tech

Not everything in my life is high tech.

My family includes a furry member. We have a six year old Great Dane. He is our second Great Dane. While they don't live long, they give a lot of love in their shortened lives.

As such, we especially appreciate Marmaduke, the comic strip by Brad Anderson. I heard somewhere that while Mr. Anderson once owned Dane's now he gets his inspiration from his daughter's two Danes that visit him often.

About one in six comics hits Dane ownership squarely on the head. Today's is one.

Click Here to see the Comic.

I had the image embedded here, but unfortunately it did not size well.

They are sweet dogs, but a bit messy. I introduced ours to a family of all girls on our street. Afterward, one of the toddlers told her mother, "I don't like him. He drools."

I know how she feels.

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