Friday, August 14, 2009

Google Reader Sendto Evernote

A few days ago, Google Reader announced a new Sendto feature. You could choose an item in Google Reader and by clicking Sendto, send it out to your blog in Blogger, or to your Facebook page or as a Twitter Tweet.

My first thought was to send an item to Evernote. Currently, I am emailing them from Google Reader to Evernote, but would like to stream line the process. I spent some time yesterday exploring how to do it, but didn't have much time. I put a query on Evernote's Forum asking if anyone had an idea. So far no one has responded.

This morning, via a Tweet from Steve Rubel, I saw where Glenn Slaven's "The Development on a Showstring" blog had a solution. It works, at least in my initial test.

Now, TweetDeck needs a Sendto feature!

Updated 8/14/2009 9:39 PM: Evernote announced in their blog this afternoon there own SendTo solution.

If you already set it from the description above, change the URL to "${url}&title=${title}"

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