Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Google Voice for Military - Right Now!

I've extolled the virtues and power of Google Voice many times before on this blog.

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Google Voice is not yet open to the public at large. More and more invites are going out, but so far demand is greater then supply.

Today, Google announced almost immediate availability of Google Voice to anyone with a dot MIL email account.

From the Official Google Blog :

When you deploy, your life is put on hold. While you live and work in a different world, everyone else moves on with life back home. Your family and friends keep moving, and this sometimes means it's just not possible for them to stay awake until 2 a.m. to receive a phone call. Calling Iraq or Afghanistan is seldom an option.

Google Voice provides a solution to some of these problems. Service members can set up an account before they deploy. Or if they're already deployed, families can now set up an account for their service member. Loved ones can call to leave messages throughout the day, and then when that service member visits an Internet trailer, all the messages are right there. It's like a care package in audio form.

Eligible military can sign up here.

A good explanation from Lifehacker.com about what is Google Voice is here.

I'm off to email about this to my friends with .mil addresses.

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