Sunday, August 30, 2009

A really good week

Funny how some things go. I started this blog last November to document for myself mostly, but anyone who might be interested, some efforts I was making to refine my families technical life. And also to hold musings I was having about how technology was changing our society.

I was slowly building the audience, mostly by looking over Twitter questions ever night on products I was interested in (Evernote, Google Voice, Dropbox etc.) and answering them in the blog. August 24th I noticed my visitors went over a certain milestone for the week for the first time.

Three days later, after noticing the traffic the day before had been good, keeping me on track for the week to set another record, I saw a Twit come in from about a new post. "Dang", I thought, "they posted about a topic I wrote about a couple weeks ago." I clicked the link, and realized they were talking about my post, and had linked to it.

That day I had 100 times more visitors then I'd had the day before and by week's end 38 times the traffic of the previous week. I garnered a few additional subscribers via Blogger and a few more in Google Reader. And I hope a lot more have me bookmarked now. So the challenge now is to write more that will interest these new readers that saw me for the first time.

I hope you come back. I'll work hard to keep you coming back. And thank you for a great week.

And there is another new development that has given me some positive reinforcement. It started before any of this happened last week. I'll have more details soon, when the product that is going to result from it is available to share with all of you.

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