Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hump Day Tech

I'm hoping I'll be one of the 100,000 who receive a Google Wave invite today. had an interesting tip on using Evernote, and a scanner to tame your physical filing monster.  The method is similar to what I do, but I don't bother with a fancy label maker.  Pens work fine.

Basically it's this:
  1. Create a Folder with a title of today's date
  2. Scan any new piece of paperwork into Evernote
  3. Record in the Evernote note, the date of the file folder you created in step 1.
  4. File paper in file
  5. Do steps 2 to 5 until folder is full, then create new folder

Then in the future you search for the document in Evernote, and if you need a physical copy, it directs you to the appropriate file

One thing I've done is I no longer buy file folders, but instead buy file jackets.  They cost more, but things don't slide out of the sides when you have them laying on your desk.

And my favorite file storage/sync took, Dropbox, now has an iPhone app in the Apple App Store.

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