Saturday, October 31, 2009

An Evernote Twitter List

I have created a public Twitter list of Evernote users.  If you would like to be on it, please leave me a comment here and I'll add you.

It would be ideal if Evernote created such a list.  I'm dong one myself because a lot of people that follow me, and that I follow, do so because of our common appreciation of Evernote.  Hence the list.

If I added you and you are not an Evernote user or interested in Evernote, also let me know.

Aside : Twitter Lists is great, but Twitter needs a few things :

  • Show you a list of people you follow or follow you that are not yet on one of your lists
  • Have a way for you to record for yourself why you followed them in the first place
  • The ability to send a Tweet to juse those on a given list

Not knowing the latter is why I suspect I've added some people to the list who are not Evernote users.