Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Many Uses of Evernote

I'm even starting to see some specialized lists for particular professions:

The good list is maintained by Evernote itself.

Update 11/5/2009:  Andrew Maxwell posted 100 Different Evernote Uses.  Great List.

This is a list of what I use Evernote for, and ideas I've garnered from the web.  When anyone asks on Twitter what do you use Evernote for, I'm going to send them here.

Here we go...leave in comments all the ones I've missed. 

  • receipts, both  real and from online payments
  • bills
  • notes from phone calls
  • where did I park my car?
  • What is my hotel room?
  • tasks I need to remember to do
  • bookmarks
  • scans  of bills
  • business cards
  • user guides
  • cartoons I've enjoyed
  • jokes I've heard
  • inspirational notes to myself
  • ideas
  • rough drafts of blog posts, letters, reports etc.
  • things I am waiting on others to do
  • class schedules
  • work schedules
  • user names and passwords to accounts
  • lists of medications and dosages
  • notes on incidents that happen (accidents, inuuries etc.)
  • gift ideas
  • notes on items I'm thinking of buying (comparison shopping details)
  • recipes
  • project information (are you moving, buying a house, building a deck?)
  • contracts
  • rental agreements
  • warranties
  • copies of important documents (vehicle registrations etc.)
  • car repair /service information
  • notes on doctor's visits - what was said, prescriptions given
  • notes on meetings
  • notes on people you met (what they like, favorite drinks, favorite meals, what you committed to do for them)
  • combination lock combination
  • vehicle identification numbers
  • serial #'s of items owned
  • printer cartridge replacement information
  • Magazine subscription expiration dates
  • list of utilities and other accounts, account numbers, websites, phone numbers
  • photos of closing times of stores I use
  • flight itineraries
  • hotel reservations
  • notes on software I use (tips, tricks etc.)
  • newspaper clippings
  • scans of wallet contents (as backup)
  • child's homework
  • child's school handouts
  • vaccination records
  • pet's medical records
  • car maintenance records
  • books read
  • books to read
  • movies to see
  • room dimensions - photos of your homes rooms - makes buying accessories easier
  • car maintenance info : fuses, light bulbs, fluid types, dates replaced etc.
  • restaurant menus
  • genealogical information

This will be one of my Reference posts.  I'll try and keep it updated.

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