Friday, October 2, 2009

Neat Receipts Scanner $80 today.

I've blogged about my Neat Receipt Scanner before.  It is great with Evernote.  I thought it was a great deal when I got mine for $149.  Woot today has it for $79.99 while they last.


Update 6:30 PM EST : This is not yet sold out.  It's a great value!

Update 11:30 AM Saturday, 10/3 : Woot's only last for a day at most, so this opportunity is gone for now.


  1. My wife had bought it for me as a gift. It was $84.99 after shipping. Then it was another $60 to swap out for the latest Mac one. I still haven't started using it yet though

  2. Mark,

    FYI, you have a typo. "Whether you use a sheet fed scanner or a flat bed scanner, having a scanner with Evernote lets you put all your phicial documents into Evernote and make them searchable" Change phicial to physical

  3. Hey David, I am bit confused. Can you please tell me basic difference between sheet fed scanner or a flat bed scanner. I had always thought that both are same one.

  4. With a flat bed, you lay each sheet of paper down individually on a piece of glass.

    Sheet fed, it pulls it through the scanner.

    A sheet fed scanner then has to e bigger than an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper, while my little Neat Receipts scanner is about 10 inches across by 2 inches deep. It takes up much less space on my desk.