Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How has your Smartphone changed your life?

I'm writing a piece on Smartphones as Christmas gifts.  By Smartphone, I mean a phone that can surf the web and maybe run apps that help you out.  Not only do I mean iPhone and Android phones, but Instincts, Palm Pre's, Blackberry etc.

I am looking for feedback to quote.  Please leave in comments any things you have on the questions, "Has your Smartphone changed your life?  How?"  Please mention your Smartphone's name.

All comments are assumed to be free to print as quotes with attribution to you.

Thanks for any help.

1 comment:

  1. I had a Blackberry, and now I have an iPhone. The one time that I can specifically point to that the smartphone made a difference, is when my wife and I were going to a concert. We were running late, and didn't realize how late until we were standing @ the metro station, waiting for the train to show up, realizing that we wouldn't make it to downtown DC in time. Not having driven around DC too much, I pulled out my Google Maps on the Blackberry, and it told me how to get to the venue. We made it on time! This blackberry was old, had no gps or anything. I didn't even know the address when I started searching, only the appropriate metro stop. It definately saved the day that day.