Saturday, November 28, 2009

What to do if your Evernote quota is gone?

I did something stupid earlier this week.  I imported a bunch of big image files into Evernote.  I intended to put them into their own local, non-sync'd notebook.  I failed to designate the notebook as local when I created it.

In one act, my Evernote quota nearly maxed out with a week to go before rolling over.  I had maybe 200K left.

My first advice to anyone in the same predicament, is go Premium.  In fact, you can invoke Premium for $5 a month, and then cancel it after the first month.  Phil Libin, the Evernote CEO said as much in one of their podcasts.  Premium would have given me 500 megabytes a month right then and there, instead of the 40 megabytes a month the free account does.

I didn't for a variety of reasons.  The thought occurred to me the week would be a good opportunity to find strategies and blog about them.  Use them only if you can't go Premium.  Premium is a great value, and Evernote richly deserves their only income from users.

First off, I made a new local notebook and called it "Inbox - Local".  I changed my Import Folder settings so that my "watched" folder imported into that un-sync'd notebook.  You can see how I use a watched folder on my PC for scanning and printing to Evernote in my "First Day with Evernote" post, specifically the "Copy or Print to Evernote" section.

I use the bookmarklet in my browsers to capture bookmarks of web pages and full copies of web pages.  I do not think that talks directly to my local client, but instead sends it to Evernote and then it ends up in my local client in the next sync.

So instead of using the clipper, I manually entered the web page I wanted to remember.  It wasn't as gruesome as it sounds. I would go to the address bar of the browser, By default, all of the URL was selected.  I would control-C to copy then tab to my Evernote client.  Making sure I was in the "Inbox-Local" notebook, I would click on New note.  In my Windows 3.5 beta, the Title field was selected.  I would enter a title and tab to tags and enter in one or two and then tab to URL and control-V to paste.

That was generally it.  I could type a description if I wanted.  I was astonished to find it was faster to enter in the new  bookmark that way then to invoke the clipper.

My paltry remaining 200K of space will still enough for 100 notes according to Evernote, so my favored technique of texting reminders to Evernote still worked (that too is described in the First Day post).

Well, I made it.  This morning my Evernote month rolled over and I had 40 megabytes of new space.  I changed my Import settings back to my standard folder.  I copied the contents of "Inbox - Local" to the appropriate Notebooks.  It didn't take that much of my quota for this month.  I should be okay if I do not do something stupid again.

And as soon as I'm working again and not having to watch the cents, I'm going Premium.  You should too.

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