Friday, December 4, 2009

As TV, Newspapers and Magazines Converge

How different will newspapers, televisions news, and news magazines be from one another in 10 years?

That might sound ludicrious to ask.  But think about it.  What's the one thing each of those news outlets have now?

Web sites.

The television web sites of course have written stores, just like the newspaper web sites do.

And the newspaper web sites increasingly have videos

I got to thinking about this from Time Magazine's demo of their new technology for bringing magazines into the 21st Century.  Take three minutes and watch it.

Wouldn't a newspaper be able to package its own news in a similar fashion? And TV stations too?

TV sets are rapidly becoming computer like. I suspect in the near future, we'll have touch pad remote controls that let us control our TV's just as we do our computers. Instead of moving a mouse to move a pointer around as we do on computers now, or touching the screen as we do on our smart phones, we'll move the pointer on the TV around by stroking a remote just as we do our phones. Actually, instead of a separate remote, your phone will run a remote control app that will talk to the TV via wi-fi. Such apps exist now that mimic a TV remote as it works today.

So then content on TV will look just like Web 3.0 newspaper or news magazine sites.

So will we bother drawing a distinction between newspapers, magazines and TV stations? Will the New York Times, Time Magazine and CNN all be pretty much equal in our view?

Will the loss of Time Magazines news distance be lost?

With the upcoming generation consuming their news on screens be it phone, computer or TV screens, how will the print media adapt? How will the current electronic media handle the new competition?

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