Monday, January 18, 2010

CloudBerry Tools for Managing Online Data Storage

While researching my previous post, I discovered CloudBerry Lab's great set of tools for managing your own Amazon S3 data storage.  What's really exciting, is Cloud Lab has pledged to support Google's file storage soon.

Google recently announced file storage at 25 cents per gigabyte per year, seriously undermining Amazon S3's pricing.

Their CloudBerry Backup tool backups your data to your S3 Account.  Their CloudBerry Explorer acts like a File Manager for your S3 account, letting you see you see your files, move them, delete etc.  What's also nice is they have versions of Explorer for data storage services beyond S3 such as Sun, Nirvanix,  Azure Blob, and Diomede.

There is a free version of Explorer while a Pro version adding encryption, compression and other advantages is just $39.99.  Backup is only $29.99.  

I haven't tried it yet since I do not have an S3 account, but when they get their new version for Google, I'll give it a whirl.  They offer free versions to Bloggers, educators and non-profits.


  1. Every Amazon S3 related blog gives you an impression that there is only one Amazon S3 client available – CloudBerry Explorer. However there are many more Amazon S3 clients which are much superior. For instance, S3HUB for Mac and S3 Browser for Windows

  2. I'm a cloudberry fan as well, but it just depends on what it is your looking to store.

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