Friday, January 8, 2010

Ready for 2020

I've read so many blogs, and listened to a couple of podcasts recently talking about the tech progress of the last ten years.  All I can keep thinking, "What was it like tech wise in January 2000 for us?"  I can recall some things, like no wi-fi yet in the house.  I remember keeping surfaces free in my home office and internet connections handy for my wife & son to come down and plug in their laptops.  Beyond that my memory is imperfect.

So I just wrote a long entry in Evernote summarizing our current living situation,and then going heavily into the tech we are using.  What computers we have now, what Operating Systems we are using, our hard drive capacity, our cell phones, and the apps we are using (Evernote, Dropbox, Adobe Production Studio, Google Docs) etc.

Should make it interesting to look back in 2020.

Update: Minutes after posting, I was thinking that while I fully expect to be using Evernote in ten years, I've learned you cannot anticipate these things.  So I am going to put a copy of that Journal entry into my Dropbox, as a document at Google Docs, a text file on my PC and print out a copy and put with our important papers.  It should survive then to 2020, and as important, I should remember it exists if I keep seeing it in those places.

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