Friday, January 8, 2010

Recent Evernote News

Our friends at Evernote keep coming up with new things.  They have now released new versions of their Palm Pre, iPhone, and Android clients.

I had my first chance to play with any smartphone Evernote clients recently.  First was the Android version, and it didn't help quell my major Android lust.  The Mobile Web client I use on my Instinct is useful, but the user interface and audio notes in the Android client is wonderful.

There is also an iPod Touch hanging out at our house.  I'm eager to spend some time with the iPhone client on it.

Earlier today, Evernote via their Twitter account asked folks for their favorite Evernote tips.  As I write this they are flowing in all marked with the hashmark #evernotetips.  Or you can see only the ones Evernote has chosen to re-tweet.

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