Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Recent Interesting Links

If you like the topics I generally cover in this blog, then you should know I often find Web pages about these topics that I do not necessarily blog about.

I do save them to my Public bookmarks page, an Evernote public notebook.

The entries are tagged, so you can easily find the ones of interest to you.  There is also an RSS feed for the page, so you can subscribe to it with your favorite blog reader.

There are tags for Evernote, Google Wave,  Android,  and many more.

Some recent links I've saved are :

A comparison of different online Google Voice iPhone/iPod push solutions - VoiceGrowl

Cell Phone Plans: The Ultimate Comparison

7 Ways Real Estate Appraisers Can Use Evernote

On how Google Wave surprisingly changed my life - This is so Meta

CES 2010: AR Drone from Parrot is a helicopter you can control with your iPhone : Shiny Shiny

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