Thursday, January 21, 2010

Syncing Documents to Google Docs

Yesterday, Google reached me in their roll out of being able to upload any kind of documents to Google Docs.  I posted previously about how their 25 cents per gigabyte per year was a potential game changer in this area.

CloudBerry Labs has told me they hope to build a tool to backup files to the Google space.  Today, PC World's David Coursey reviews Memeo Connect, a tool for syncing documents between your desktop and Google Docs.

Alas, you have to have a Google Apps Premier Edition for it to work.  That costs $50 annually, and Memeo is $9 per year per user.

I hope Google loosens up and allows these kind of programs to move files into my Google Space without the Premier version.  That $50 a year eliminates the primary advantage of using Google Docs--the free cost.  That would let someone bild a Dropbox type product to sync files to the Google space.  

I've wondered before why Google does not acquire Evernote.  And for that matter, Dropbox.  Both share Google's vision of storing information in the cloud.  Both Evernote and Dropbox would be great complements to Google's offerings.


  1. Mark,

    Great comment about Google and Evernote. I have wondered the same thing several times. As one who is just starting to use Google Docs (and in a very limited way at that), I can see this being a wonderful advantage.

  2. I got this tool working with google docs, picasaweb and skydrive:

    It adds a drive letter to your system with a fodler each coud app. It's free for pertonal use.