Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Bang Theory Dang Funny

If you like tech or science and like to laugh (who doesn't?) then I hope you have discovered the TV show "Big Bang Theory".

If you haven't tonight is a good time to sample it.  One of the five best ever episodes repeats night at 9:30 PM on CBS.

To bring you up to speed, it is the story of four geniuses and a normal girl.

Leonard and Sheldon are roommates.  Both are Ph.D.'s in Physics working at a California University.  Penny is the girl across the hall.  Rounding out the cast is Raj, another Physics Doctorate, and Howard, an engineer.

After two seasons lusting after Penny, Leonard and Penny are now in a relationship.

Penny is an attractive, popular, socially adept struggling actress and waitress.  Much of the story line is the differences in social abilities between the boys and Penny, with Penny representing the rest of the world.

In the biggest breakout performance since The Fonz, is Jim Parson's portrayal of Sheldon.  Sheldon is the poster boy for Asberger's Syndrome.  Sheldon requires a regulated routine, and is clueless when it comes to social interaction.  Although with an IQ of 187 he understands he needs to improve in this area, even though he does not understand its value fully.

One jarring part of tonight's episode is it fails to show the relationship Penny and Sheldon have eked out.  It is necessary to setup the hysterical plot.  In other episodes you'll see how Penny has taken on a somewhat nurturing role to Sheldon.  Although she can get profoundly exasperated by him, she understands that he different and often trying hard.

And the B plot of Raj and Howard trying to pick up Goth girls is also entertaining, but it is the A plot tonight that makes comedy gold.

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