Friday, February 5, 2010

Evernote Integrations

My favorite took, Evernote has announced that February is Partner Month.  They will the focusing on partners with products linked to Evernote and introducing new products integrated to Evernote.  This is exciting.  I have ideas of things I want hooked to Evernote.  I hope to see them so I don't have to develop them myself.

They have already focused on the Nokia N900 and Cliqset.

By the way, Evernote's servers will be down for maintenance Saturday 11 AM to 4 PM PST.  If you are using a desktop client, or a phone client with local storage, you should still be able to access your notes.  You won't be able to use the web version or sync during the server downtime.

I wonder if something new if coming, or if it is just standard maintenance to serve their growing user base?

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