Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mike Elgan thinks the iPad will be a monumental hit

A year from now, Mike Elgan's post in ComputerWorld could well be included in the dictionary as an example of hyperbole.  It's a brave prediction to make.

Something in my gut says he may just be right.  Not, about solely the iPad, but the concept of tablets.

He says:

Everyone from engineers to neo-luddites will buy iPads. It will be the first device in recent years to match the technical-enthusiasm range of the cell phone market.
Gamers, readers, TV watchers, movie enthusiasts will get one.
Schools, churches, libraries, small businesses, restaurants, nightclubs, malls and other organizations will put them to use.
Pilots, teachers, public speakers, artists, contractors, writers, and other professionals will enhance their careers with iPads. The Pentagon will go nuts for this thing.