Saturday, March 13, 2010

My favorite Evernote Use Case

Earlier this week I had to make a series of phone calls.  It reminded me again of my favorite use of Evernote.

When I have to make a series of calls, I use Google Voice to call out via my Gizmo5 client so I can use my computer headphones and keep my hands free for typing.

As I wait for the call to connect, I create a new Evernote note for the call and open it in its own window.

In the Evernote client, I search Evernote for previous calls I've made to the same vendor.  When I finally get done holding for the next available operator, I have all the information at my finger tips; in fact I have to wait for them to pull up the same information from their computer.

I have found some of the people I talk with to be a bit thrown by the idea that I have all my notes of previous conversations before me.  It makes it harder for them to, well, "handle" me.

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