Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Twitter Fame

Have you followed the story of LisaTickledPink?

In his podcast "This Week in Technology" on March 7, Leo LaPorte told the story of how Conan O'Brian chose one Twitter user with three followers and asked all his followers to do the same.  Getting a bit silly, Leo and his panel for the show decided it would be a great idea to do the same.

Tasking Kevin Rose of Digg, a panelist that day, to find someone, Kevin searched Twitter for "I hate technology" and discovered Lisa Etheridge of Auckland, New Zealand.  Lisa had only two users and three twits, one being "I hate technology".  Leo said come April 3 he would chose one of Lisa's followers and give them an iPad and within minutes she had over 2000 followers.  She now has over 26,000.

Almost immediately, Leo started feeling unease at what they'd done.  It also occurred to them that the default setting a new Twitter user like Lisa probably had still turned on was to receive a new e-mail for each time they received  a new follower.  She'd wake up the next morning (it then being 1 AM in New Zealand) to find her inbox buried in a mysterious avalanche of new followers.  He decided to give Lisa an iPad as well to make up for her being thrust into unasked for digital fame.

I am one of Lisa's followers.  Not only to maybe win an iPad, but also to see how she takes to her new found fame.

And I'm happy to say she's handled it with grace and a sense of fun.  She has twittered that she loves the instant tech support she gets whenever she asks a question.  I saw one almost plaintive twit that had come in the the middle of US night, saying "I want to play but you are all asleep."  And Lisa is appearing on local TV and international media.  And according to Leo, she has some projects coming up she'd wondered how she might publicize.

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