Monday, March 1, 2010

Wi-Fi Buses

A school district in Vail, Arizona has equipped some school buses as rolling wi-fi hotspots.  (NY Times story) The students are able to login on their computers on the trip to and from school, and on longer outings to athletic events.

The result seems to be quieter, less rowdy rides, and more productivity for the kids.

What's good enough for the kids, should be good enough for the rest of us.  Mass transit can never seem to collect all the riders it deserves.  We want to encourage mass transit to save the environment, save energy, reduce traffic and a host of other reasons.  Adding wi-fi to our city and regional buses and to commuter trains would draw in more users.

Let's contact our mass transit authorities and advocate this.  The cost is reasonable, about $200 for the router and $60 a month for service per bus.  I have to believe if an entire city's bus service wanted to go wi-fi the costs could be negotiated downward.

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