Thursday, April 8, 2010

Evernote + Dragon Dictation on iPad is great

The first app installed on my new iPad was of course Evernote.  If you have an iPad and use Evernote on any platform, make sure it goes on your iPad too.

I'd feared my 7000+ notes would take up an inordinate amount of room.  But that wasn't the case.  My storage space was only a bit smaller after syncing was complete.

Having all my notes inside what I'm beginning to think of as my "magical clipboard" is wonderful.

I use the Windows client for Evernote, so the voice recording ability of the iPad client was new to me. It allows you to record comments and it saves the audio file to a note.  You can add text to the note, and tag it of course to assist finding it later.

But there is a better way even then that I've found.

Another free app in the App Store is Dragon Dictation (App Store Link)   Simply press the red record button and speak.  The app does a wonderful job of translating what you have said.  You can edit the text after transcription.

Then just choose the option to e-mail the text to your Evernote account.   It sends the transcribed text to a note in your default notebook.

It would be cool if it would also send the .wav file to Evernote.  Maybe a future version.