Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Blog entry from the iPad

This is my first blog entry done direct from the iPad. It's not perfect. Blogger, I mean. For some reason it won't let me type into the text box in the Compose mode, but will in the Edit HTML box. Why Google? Or should I be asking, "Why Apple?" Does this bode bad things for Google enabling Google Docs for use by the iPad? Now, you can only read Google Docs on the iPad. That was understandable on the iPhone where editing was not really practical on the small screen, but that is not relevant on the iPad.

I added the wireless keyboard today to the iPad and it makes text entry much easier. The iPad case is enroute and I just read up on it online, and it acts also as an easel holding the iPad at the right angle to use the on screen keyboard, or vertically if you are using a wireless keyboard.

The Apple wireless keyboard I have is small and light enough that carrying it along with the iPad is a non-issue. If I was taking a class, as I was supposed to next week, I'd easily take the iPad and the keyboard with me. The combo would be good in class for notes, with the iPad alone for in-my-lap web browsing.

Someone on Twitter said the iPad is the best "couch browsing experience". That's true. It is adept at working places where laptops were not successful, and with keyboards and easels, successful too where laptops are good.

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