Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Improving the Wi-Fi Reception for the iPad

Like many people, but not all, I had wi-fi issues with my new iPad.  Our access point is on the lower level of the house.  On our mid-level I would sometimes lose connection and then reacqire it.  On our upper level, in the bed room, I'd lose connection and have to walk out into the hallway to reacquire.

Since the iPad is built for in-bed surfing, that was most disagreeable.

Even Apple acknowledged the problem and offered some help.

Several days ago I tried the option of altering the "Wireless Network Mode" in my Linksys router.

When I originally set it up, I had it sending out both "b" and "g" signals since one of the cards we owned back then (like four years ago) was a "b" card, not the then new "g".

So I set it to "g" only.

I checked all the devices on our little home network, and they all ran fine.

And the iPad now gets good reception throughout the the house, loses connections much less frequently, and regains lost connections quicker.

I am a happier camper.

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