Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The iPad Case

The case and dock for the iPad just came to the door.

I'll tell you something.  It is worth getting an Apple product to just experience what obsessing about design can give you.

I was expecting a huge dock.  Something like a copy stand.  Instead, this thing is small.  It's about 3 inches square and the lip that supports the back of the iPad is about an inch.  And it is heavy, to counterbalance the iPad.   It is what it needs to be.  My vision of it would have worked, but so does this more efficiently.

The case is really well designed.  The iPad slips in like a glove.  All the openings for the connector, and volume, on/off are all in the right place.

The cover folds behind so you can hold the iPad as well as you as you would without the case.

The cover can lock into a flap on the back to allow it to be sit up at an angle conducive to typing on the onscreen keyboard.  Or you can stand it up to use it with the wireless keyboard that I also have.

Both the keyboard and the iPad in the case fit nicely into one of those zippered cases that hold a paper tablet.  I could walk into a meeting with both the iPad, a real keyboard and a real pad of paper and pen.  All would weigh less than most laptops and I don't have to carry a man-purse.

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