Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Local 28 year old reporter wins Pulitzer

Daniel Gilbert, a 28 year old native of nearby Manassas, Virginia won the Pulitzer for Public Service this week.

He wrote a series of stories for the Bristol Courier Herald on landowners losing out on natural gas royalties.  Poynter Online has a good background on his achievement.

For a while, Daniel wrote for the News & Messenger, the newspaper my column is in on Sundays.  A friend's daughter mentioned on Facebook that she knew him, and many chimed in that he was always destined for great things.

The beauty of this is Daniel is one of only seven reporters at the paper.  It is really good for small papers to again understand they can do great things.  Of course, an even smaller paper once won a Pulitzer, as I wrote about early in 2009.

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