Sunday, April 25, 2010

Loose Ends

I just realized when you click in the Safari for the iPad URL box, the bookmark bar appears.  I want that same behavior in Google Chrome.

The sole design flaw I've found with Job's latest baby, is that when I go to plug in the power cable to the iPad at night, in the dark, there is no tactile indicator on the connector as to which side is up.  The logo on the connector is perfectly smooth.  My bedside table has become the family charging station, and the iPad cable is the only one that has to have a light on to plug it in.  Ironically, my $1.58 6 foot cable from (before shipping) does have the tactile clue, so that minor Apple design flaw is dealt with.

Isn't it nice that the only design flaw I can find so far is so trivial?

Of course, I'm not considering iTunes--what a disaster.

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